CEHG sponsored activities

2014 CEHG Winter Symposium

The CEHG Winter Symposium took place on January 13th 2014 in the Sheraton in Palo Alto. We had several workshops and a program of exciting talks by CEHG faculty and trainees. See here for all information. 

Mathematical Genetics Seminar

The Mathematical Genetics Seminar will be held every other Thursday at 4:30 pm in Littlefield Room 341.
Speakers will discuss computational and mathematical aspects of their work in meetings. We will also discuss recent papers applying mathematical methods to gain new insights into genetics.

You can sign up to receive emails about the seminar here (or email suyashs[AT]stanford.edu to be added to the mailing list).
You can sign up to present here.

The Mathematical Genetics Seminar is run by Suyash Shringarpure

Suyash Shringarpure

Suyash Shringarpure

Whole Genome Sequencing Club

The WGS Club was founded by Hinco Gierman and Roxana Daneshjou and had it’s first meeting on December 8, 2011. It is a monthly seminar/journal club on Whole Genome Sequencing and (clinical) interpretation of genomes. Speakers are a mix of Stanford faculty, postdocs and graduate students but also from industry or other institutes. If you are interested in speaking, see our contact info below.

We recommend you sign up for the WGS Club mailinglist at https://mailman.stanford.edu/mailman/listinfo/wgs_club_stanford

Every month a reminder mail with the upcoming speaker & topic will be sent to the list.

To register, fill out your email address and hit the “subscribe” button. You will receive a mail with a confirmation link you need to click on.

From January to July, we usually gather every 2nd Thursday of the month in Beckman B302 and there is always FREE PIZZA!

For directions click here.

You can email us with questions or comments at hgierman_at_stanford.edu (Hinco) and roxanad_at_stanford.edu (Roxana).

Roxana Daneshjou

Roxana Daneshjou

Hinco Gierman

Hinco Gierman


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