Evolgenome schedule

2014 spring quarter 


(if no host indicated, the CEHG Evolgenome Spring Committee, consisting of Nandita Garud, Bridget Algee-Hewitt, Tracy Nance and Pleuni Pennings, hosts)

4/2/2014 Melissa Wilson Sayres; title: Sex-biased evolution and disease;
4/9/2014 Adi Stern, Berkeley/UCSF; title: Costs and benefits of mutational robustness;
4/16/2014 Caitlin Pepperell, University of Wisconsin; title: Evolution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis; host: Marc Feldman
4/23/2014 Joachim Hermisson, University of Vienna title:The genetic basis of phenotypic adaptation: Adaptation to a moving optimum; host: Dmitri Petrov
4/30/2014 Ben Wilson, Stanford: Soft selective sweeps in complex demographic scenarios
5/7/2014 Devaki Bhaya, Stanford: Cooperation and conflict in microbial communities: a molecular view
5/14/2014 Philip Labo, Stanford: Yeast population dynamics: Stopping times and logistic curves.
5/21/2014 Iain Mathieson, Simons Institute: topic: Demography and the age of rare variants;
5/28/2014 Rui Zhang, Stanford: Evolutionary Analysis Reveals Regulatory and Functional Landscape of RNA Editing
6/4/2014 Christine Peterson, Stanford (CEHG fellow): Multiple testing procedures for eQTL discovery
6/11/2014 Maude David, Stanford; topic: Cross-referencing analysis of autism to identify novel genes and pathways
6/18/2014 Susan Holmes, Stanford; topic: Using the data, all the data;

Seminars are scheduled by a committee, consisting of Nandita Garud, Bridget Algee-Hewitt, Tracy Nance and Pleuni Pennings.

Bridget Algee Hewitt

Bridget Algee Hewitt


Nandita Garud


Pleuni Pennings


Tracy Nance


All talks are at 1:15 PM unless noted otherwise. Lunch is provided, please sign up here.

2014 winter quarter

1/22/2014 speaker: Yang Li, Oxford;
title: Use of alternative micro-exons in the developing brain
host: Jonathan Pritchard

MONDAY 1/27/2014 speaker: Roy Ronen, UCSD
title: Learning Natural Selection from the Site Frequency Spectrum
host: Carlos Bustamante
location: Munzer Hall

1/29/2014 speaker: Koni Wright, Cornell
title: Local Methods for Evaluating Population Structure and Multiple Admixture in Plant and Animal Populations with Inbreeding
host: Carlos Bustamante
location: Clark S360

2/5/2014 speaker: David Golan, Tel-Aviv University
title: Accurate Estimation of Heritability in Case-Control GWAS
host: Jonathan Pritchard
location: Clark S360

2/12/2014 speaker: Dennis Wall, Stanford
title: Decoding autisms using machine intelligence and systems medicine
host: Wall lab
location: Clark S360

2/19/2014 speaker: Olga Sazonova, Montgomery/Quertermous lab
title: Functional genomics of vascular smooth muscle cell differentiation
host: Stephen Montgomery
location: Clark S360

2/26/2014 speaker: Eilon Sharon, Pritchard/Fraser lab
title: Unraveling gene promoter and 3’ end effects on expression strength and noise using many designed sequences
host: Pritchard/Fraser lab
location: Clark S360

3/5/2014 speaker: Julia Salzman, Salzman lab
title: Circular RNA expression is conserved from humans to the simplest eukaryotes
host: Julia Salzman
location: Clark S360

3/12/2014 speaker: Claudia Bank, Lausanne / Berkeley
title: Shifting fitness landscapes in response to altered environments
host: Petrov Lab
location: Clark S360

3/19/2014 Eyal Elyashiv, Columbia University
title: Building a population genetic map of the effects of linked selection, with application to Drosophila melanogaster
host: Jonathan Pritchard
location: Clark 360


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