One of the core activities of the Stanford Center for Computational, Evolutionary and Human Genomics (CEHG) is a weekly seminar and discussion covering current research in the field.

In the Evolgenome seminar series, speakers from both inside and outside of Stanford present their work related to the topics of the Center. The topics range from theoretical evolutionary biology, large scale sequencing studies, paleontology, population history, or experimental studies of evolution using model systems. The speakers are typically professors, postdocs, or graduate students discussing ongoing research. The seminars take place in the Li Ka Shing Learning and Knowledge Center (http://lksc.stanford.edu/) of the Stanford University School of Medicine.


In order to encourage interaction between CEHG members, we invite everyone to arrive at 1PM to enjoy a simple lunch and coffee (provided by CEHG), before the seminar starts at 1:15PM. We also encourage questions during the seminar and ask speakers to allow for plenty of time after the seminar for a Q&A session.


Have a look at the schedule (link) to see which seminars we have scheduled.
If you would like to speak in the Evolgenome seminar series or if you would like to invite someone to speak, please contact pleuni@stanford.edu

Thanks and see you Wednesdays at 1 pm!


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