June 18th, Susan Holmes: Using the data, all the data

Susan Holmes

Susan Holmes


Trained in the French school of Data Analysis in Montpellier, Susan Holmes has been working in non parametric multivariate statistics applied to Biology since 1985. She has taught at MIT, Harvard and was an Associate Professor of Biometry at Cornell before moving to Stanford in 1998. She teaches the Thinking Matters class: Breaking Codes and Finding Patterns, and likes working on big messy data sets, mostly from the areas of Immunology, Cancer Biology and Microbial Ecology. Her theoretical interests include applied probability, Graph Limit Theory and the topology of the space of Phylogenetic Trees.

Talk: Using the data, all the data

Study of microbiome census data together with covarying tables such as Mass Spectroscopy and Metagenomic data poses statistical and computational challenges linked to heterogeneity of the data structures and data sources. We will give some examples of the problem of irreproducibility in the analysis of such data.

This contains joint work with Joey McMurdie and David Relman and his team.

Seminar details

Wednesday June 18th, 2014
1:15 PM Seminar
Location: Clark Auditorium


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